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Introduction To Love Mechanics - Power Tools To Build Successful Relationships With Women

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Love Mechanics by Renee Piane

I'm so pleased and honored that you are reading this book. It shows that you are interested in creating more powerful connections with women. While reading, be open, and you will discover the keys to be more in tune with yourself. At the same time, you will learn vital information that will change your relationships in all areas of your life — especially with women.

We all need tune-ups for our cars — what about our love lives? Do you even have one? Or have you given up on creating love in your life? Are you still single or newly single again and feel confused? Are you frustrated or unfulfilled with your current relationship, but afraid to be alone? Maybe you just have a "dead engine" on the whole subject?

Well, how about a tune-up? An overhaul? Or at least a good look under the hood? To get where you want to go, you need to keep your car in magnificent running order. Can’t the same be said for you?

Have no fear, Love Mechanics will get you back on the road with power tools of self-awareness, energy and connection. We’ll upgrade you from a beat-up, old Jeep to a slick, sleek Maserati!

I bravely and lovingly present the female perspective, and with it a process that has worked for thousands of men. In the privacy of your home, Love Mechanics will instill you with confidence and offer you easy tools to get instant results!

Men and Women…Here at the outset of the 21st Century, singles are making brave, new choices. To make these choices, they need to check out all the options — and mechanics — of being in relationship. Certainly, with the Internet connecting people worldwide, there are many opportunities to express our desires on a screen, but what I hear from singles out there is that it’s another picture when they meet. People are different face-to-face, the “energy” isn’t the same. It still remains that people have to meet in person after the connection is established.

A first impression is a lasting one and can be a deal breaker for both sexes. Generally speaking, women read books and go to support groups. In fact, women are almost "drowning" in information to find "Mr. Right"! Here are just a few examples of the books that curious women read: Embracing the Beloved; Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus; The Rules; and Getting to I Do. Women attempt to unravel the mystery. On the other side of the relationship coin, many men do search for information but too often they don't want other men to know about it. They’re afraid it makes them look like losers.

Think of how much time you spend learning to master a sport or to successfully play the stock market. Now compare that with how little time you spend learning how to create a healthy relationship. I must be honest with you: most men know way too little about the mysteries of women and love. Men and women are brought up to believe vastly different things about love and romance, yet men are supposed to know intuitively how to love women??? I don't think so.

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Let’s face it, we didn’t learn very much about love, relationship and the opposite sex from our parents. Many single people were brought up in single parent homes and didn’t receive any guidance fat all. The statistics today show that even with both parents at home the average time spent alone with a child or teen is about 10 minutes a day. Unfortunately, discussing intimate topics usually isn’t covered in that short amount of time. Too many parents believe you will learn all you need to know about sex and dating in school. What a joke!

Who taught you? Did you get guidance from… your dad? Your mother? Your algebra teacher? Your coach? Your friends?

I’ve interviewed hundreds of men about this. Many expressed that no one taught them love skills. . . they learned by observing. "Observing whom??" I asked. Your jock buddies? That’s like learning how to walk by watching a blind man. Playboy? Penthouse? Hustler? Not great sources of illumination. First of all, 90 percent of the women in the world don't look like those women in magazines, so many of you are fantasizing about the unattainable woman.

Connecting with women these days can be difficult for some men. Women are trained from birth to find their "prince" and to help and guide each other, but men mostly "roll with the punches," unless they have been fortunate enough to be graced with great female friends or strong family role models.

To the Rescue…Love Mechanics will prepare you for relationships and love, to become "the ONE" without being "feminized" or put down. This book will give your love life a lift or assist you in creating a life. If you currently don't have a woman in your life you will — or at least you'll be aware of why you don't.

Men just want straight talk in language they can relate to. Look no further. In Love Mechanics I pass along the insight and the tools to help you win at love. There will be no man-bashing, just honesty and wisdom that comes from many years of experience in this field. (You might say that I have been engaged in the ultimate "Prince" training.) Many men claim to not want any direction in this area, and yet the men who have read advance copies of Love Mechanics claim that they wished they'd had a book like this when they were younger to help them through so many challenges with women.

This book contains all the basic details women wish men would learn about. It will definitely deepen your insight into women's SOULS — which is the KEY to attracting and keeping a woman interested. Nevertheless, Love Mechanics is not just about relationship with women, it’s also about relationship with yourself. You'll be preparing yourself first and developing a closer relationship with women in the process. You'll become the man every woman wants! Love Mechanics will teach you to observe, to listen and to recognize energy — from yourself and others. In so doing, you will tune into why you're connecting — or not connecting — to the people in your life. Especially women!

How this all started…I began this journey by accident when my friend Peter asked me to co-teach a seminar on "How to Meet the Women of your Dreams" over 7 years ago. I had never taught a class on this subject, but I certainly had extensive related experience on my resumé. The word “Relationship” was written on my personal banner. I spoke about it in public, I organized dozens of relationship events, I was a private relationship coach, I interviewed hundreds of men — and experts — on television. I brought to the work a background in communications, marketing and psychology, and a deep interest in the healing arts, energy research, spiritual principles, NLP and hypnotherapy. I definitely felt qualified. I have worked with people my whole life, and I was convinced that my combination of skills would bring some insights to these men.

In our first seminar, I shared basic tips for wardrobe, hair and skin care with the men to assist them to attract women. Although the work was natural for me, it soon became apparent that the problem was deeper than the exterior work I was assisting them with.

The evening progressed into a question and answer session, and I became acutely aware of the challenges that these men experienced with women. It helped me realize that there was a void in this market: information for men without the fluff! Later, I began to I notice a trend in magazines, movies, and television which supposedly covered the issues men go through in single life. (Magazines, such as Maxim and Men’s Health; movies, such as, Swingers, The Bachelor, 20 Dates; and numerous TV shows, such as “Friends” "Blind Date,"" and the list goes on.)

That night changed the direction of my life. When I looked into the eyes of the men out there and felt their desire for hope and coaching regarding women, I realized this could be a fulfilling, fun and prosperous business. At the same time, I noticed how many men want support but are afraid to admit it. These men were looking not just for communication skills and date-closing techniques, but for a deeper understanding of what it takes to really feel great and have a more fulfilling life, single or not. Peter, who didn't want to pursue this as a business, was the man who led me into this by accident? Or was it fate?

I discovered that many guys just wanted someone to listen to their challenges and offer guidance. Some were looking for inside secrets and even tasks to keep them motivated in their search for love. Others wanted assistance without going through years of analysis. (Many need it desperately, and I recommend it for the deeper issues.)

The men at the seminars were mostly receptive to suggestions for becoming more “in tune” with their unique styles and levels of awareness. They felt confused as to what women expected of them in these changing times and they wanted to ask questions of a woman who would be honest with them.

I didn't know that men didn't understand all these things until the first night I taught class. It gave me greater compassion for the plight of men in society today. I also began to see how some women make it extremely difficult for men to win at courting them! Most of us women are taught that you men KNOW exactly what to say, what to wear and what to do that will make us fall for you. We are taught our Prince will come and sweep us off our feet, and we will live happily ever after! Do you know how often little girls are given that message at the movies, in our teen magazines, and on television? We've heard all the romantic fairytales from our mothers and grandmothers. As a man, you are supposed to know all this important stuff by the time you graduate high school! If you don’t — and most of you don‘t — you pay for it in the dating game.

What a shame to blame you when most of you never had any guidance! Women who believe you were taught these secrets are out there in the world castrating men. For all the women who haven’t known any better: sorry about that, guys. . . .

As I started to work with men in this new direction, I felt a healing inside of me. I had always presumed that men were holding out on me. It was not true! I was so relieved to find that out, and it made me see that perhaps I could help men fathom the complicated minds of women and I could communicate the secrets that women have shared with me about men. It soon dawned on me that this was a really great job! I got to assist men to understand and love women and make the world a happier place. How lucky! I love people, and I feel I can see beyond their bodies into their hearts and souls. I can detect the energy that they send out and tell them straight up how to shift that energy.

I began consulting people regarding their private dating challenges and I prepared them for dating in many ways. By combining effective hypnotherapy and NLP skills we were getting amazing results!

Many of my clients, who hadn't been on the dating scene for a while after being in a long relationship or marriage, wanted some tools to utilize in their daily life. Some needed assistance in upgrading their image, while others wanted a female opinion on making their home or apartment appropriate for romance and love. I took men shopping to create a winning image and then worked on the inside — helping them to upgrade their belief systems to match the exterior. This gave them a winning combination of power and confidence both inside and out! I became a resource center and referral service for singles, and if I couldn't help them, I connected them with the services they needed for a "TUNE-UP."

The void was there, and I filled it with my heartfelt knowledge, my love of men and a delivery that was working.

Love Mechanics… One night a few years back, I was out with a group of my friends and I talked about writing a book that captured the work I had been doing with men. We wondered what kind of title would get them to pick up this book. Together we came up with the car metaphor. We joked about tune-ups, lube jobs, breakdowns and repairs. That is where the name "Love Mechanics" came from. Love Mechanics is the first in a series that will walk you through a whole internal and external tune-up and can save you years of research on topics you may have wanted to explore but didn't have time to. . . I did it all for you. I tried to fit it all in one book, but later decided to break down the information into a series of books. This is the first! Love Mechanics will help you discover why you are where you are now and how to move forward into the life you choose. Love Mechanics will help you take responsibility for creating yourself from inside out.


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Renee Piane is not only the best dating coach, she is the best overall consultant I have ever worked with in any field.

Renee knows the subject of dating thoroughly - and she knows every subject related to dating. She is at the top of her game.

Renee is a master at pinpointing areas in her clients that need attention. She can assess situations with the rapidity of a heat-seeking missile. And although she pulls no punches, she also communicates with dignity and compassion.

She gives the impression of being completely dedicated to her work. She is quick to respond and gives, gives, gives to her clients. She is one of those rare birds who undersells and over delivers.

Paul Parks


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